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The Tracki Pet Tracker App

UX Case Study 2020


Overview - Tracki Pet Tracker App

The tracki pet tracker app is an app that allows pet-owners to track their pet using their real time GPS location, and can gather the important information regarding the health and wellness of their pets like their heart rate, step counts, exercises, sleep during certain periods of time etc. If someone owns multiple pets, then the app lets you manage all the pets in a one single efficient mobile app.



It's such a special feeling to own a pet, but it comes with the great responsibilities too. If you own a pet, then you must take care of its health, exercise, mobility etc. Pet owning is not just about feeding them and taking out for a walk, it includes something more as well like caring for their health and wellness.


Imagine someone having a pet and he is busy with something at home or outside the home, and the naughty pet has been set free. It ran away and disappeared. How panic and frustrating it would be for a pet owner to find the loved one and get it back at home safely. It might be possible that the pet owner may lose the pet forever.


Let's assume someone owns a pet, and his pet seems not feeling well. In order to diagnose further some observations are crucial like the duration of sleep, Heart rates, exercise intensity etc. How would someone get to know these data at home These data are also important to keep the pet healthy and fit.


The problems mentioned above become even bigger when someone owns multiple pets.


In order to resolve the mentioned problems above, we created one comprehensive app with the hardware device, that allows the pet owner to track the real time location and health data with an ease - one the go.


The hardware device which you attach with your pet, has several sensors and GPS built in, and the mobile app is in constant sync with the device.


The app also allows the owner to manage multiple pets in a single interface.






02Define & Ideate




Our UX process starts with the discovery phase, where we discover the problems users face, and steps to resolve those problems. Its then includes 2 types of survey

Quantitative Survey

Do you have a Pet?


Do you worry/fear when your pet gose off your eyesight?


How do you keep an eye on your pet?


Are you aware of your pets health and wellness data ?

Quantitative Survey

User Persona : A Pet Owner


Jessica Hope


28 years old


London, UK




Dynamic & Sharp


She has been a professional banker since last 4 years, she loves pets. She owns 2 pets, 1 dog and 1 cat. She believes that a family is incomplete without pets.


Music, reading, horse riding, animal husbandry


She has various goals in her life, like a professional goal to become a bank manager and begin her own financial consultancy. She also looks forward to making a significant contribution for animal welfare organizations.


In such a fast pace of life and career, Jessica sometimes is not able to be around her pets and so gets worried. When she wants her pets being taken care of all the time, her career/profession does not permit the same. She gets frustrated when she wants even more pets but might not be able to take care of each of them.

Empathy Mapping


Think & Feel

Jessica thinks she could make a significant contribution in the domain of animal husbandry along with her career.

She feels that sometimes it's not possible to look after her pets and their health.

She also thinks that there should be some innovative solution that allows to take care of the pets even while being away from pets.


Hears a lot from her neighbours about her pets running away from her home while she is at work.

She often hears from her pet doctors that she should have pefs health and wellness data in order to diagnose and make required treatment.

She does hear that she should hire a permanent pet caretaker.


She has to ch«ck cctv cameras installed at her home when she is at work, in order to make sure that the pets are safe at home.

She asks her neighbours to look after her pets while she is at work.

She goes to the pet health specialist even for negligible health issues that can be solved easily by herself at home if she has proper pet health data.


Her pets are not being taken care of as they are supposed to.

Her pets become a bit vulnerable when she is not around.

Her pet's health and wellness gets compromised.

discover02.Define & Ideate


Jessica is a pet owner and John is a pet trainer and pet shop owner in london.

They subscribe to the tracki pet tracker app along with the hardware device.

They attach the hardware device with their pets.

Now they are able to track the real time location through live gps and can locate accurately on the map.

They are also able to set geo-distance limits as well, they can define a region where their pets can move, if their pets crosses that limit, they will get an instant notification and can restrict their pets from danger zones.

Jessica and John are able to track various important activities and their respective data, like steps counts, exercise time, total jumps, distance walked etc.

Jessica and John are now able to check various health data like their pets heart rates, scratches, temperature etc right on the app - on the go.

Both are now able to get weekly/monthly reports and can observe certain patterns of their pets regarding their exercise and health.

They can create their pets profile as well.

Jessica doesn't have to rely on her neighbours while travelling.

John is now able to save a lot by using this digital technology. He is now able to track real time pet workout/health data and that helps him to improve the efficiency of the training.

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